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Dear Karla:


I have been wanting to sit down and write this ever since you took the time to talk with my husband about our “misunderstood” Sheltie, Katie.


Myself and our family included are very appreciative for the time you and your husband gave to help us.  We had been told by our vet and with our own concerns and misunderstandings, thought we would have to put Katie down.  The couple of days this rolled in our minds were, without any doubt, the worst.


Your kindness in passing along your wonderful knowledge on Shelties has truly changed the way we look and handle Katie.  Because of this, she has even become a much better pet. 


You truly made a difference in our family and we will always be very grateful.




Tom, Kim, Lindsay, Jessica and Katie Leonhard

Dear Terry and Karla:


I just wanted to send you a brief note of thanks for your long distance counseling via phone earlier this year.  As you may remember, we ended up with a new little alligator, oops … I meant pup, unexpectedly.  Our neighbor had found two tiny pups that hadn’t even cut teeth yet out in a cold muddy hole near her farm pond.  So, I took possession of this bundle of teeth, uh … I meant joy and had a hellacious time taming the wild thing as she grew.  Thus, Peaches began her reign of terror in our household.


Terry’s suggestions about handling her mouthiness and too rough play during her puppy period (with needle sharp teeth) really helped out. The encouragement was just enough to help me stick it out and start correcting Peach properly.  Our Shiba, Kita, was definitely a cake walk compared to this stubborn and bossy girl!


Now as Peach approaches her first birthday, I can say it was worth all the work.  She is starting to settle down and is turning into a real nice house dog.  She bosses Kita a little and the two are kind of still deciding who will end up tops in the pecking order, but I think as Peachy’s adolescence passes this will settle down.


Kita is still a registered Therapy Dog but we have been slowing down on our visits.  We still “go to work” for at least a few minutes every day and she is sharp as ever except for heeling.  I’ve not taken any steps to get her titled except for the CGC because I just can’t hold her focused interest for more than a minute in a heel.  But, we have fun and she still impresses company, so I’m happy and so is she.


Again, thanks for all your efforts during both Kita’s training and the assistance with my “new puppy blues.”  I recommend you to all my friends and family in the Toledo area.


Yours truly,


Jaymie Larkey, Kita & Peach



Just wanted to thank you for meeting with me (and Kelly) a few weeks ago.  I really appreciate the time you took and so does the dog – she’s much happier with a “trained” owner!  We did end up taking her to Columbus and she was happy just to hang out in her crate in the garage!


It’s amazing what a great dog she is once we become great ourselves!  I can’t promise I won’t have calls down the road though!




Cathy Antozewski



I want to thank you for the extraordinary job you did training Kodi (and ME)! All three of my daughters (each of whom have dogs) and my wife were stunned at how quickly Kodi learned basic obedience, especially at the young age of 5 months.


Having been to several other dog trainers over the past 30 years, you are unequivocally the most knowledgeable and skilled trainer I have had. Your communication skills are unprecedented!


Please feel free to share my contact information with your existing and prospective clients.




Jonathan Shapiro

Dear Karla:


I wanted to drop a line and say thank you for the time and effort you and the other trainers put into the class.  It meant a lot and helped me out tremendously.  Bailey is so much more manageable and he calms down quicker.  My parents were impressed with the graduation.  Thank you again and I am looking forward to starting class May 11th.



Audra Newman

Toledo, Ohio



A short note to thank you for helping out with Moses.  Your guidance on Saturday helped restore my self confidence in dealing with Moses when we go for walks.  We have had 2 very successful walks without incident.  I am now carrying a pouch and loading it with treats and we are walking with confidence instead of fear.


Jeff and I appreciate all of the help and guidance you and Karla have given us.


Thanks again,


Stacey and Jeff Miller

Terry, Karla & Angie:


Where do I begin?  A week ago I came by – in tears – with Kelly in the car ready to see if anyone you knew wanted her.  She’s certainly a handful!  And while at the lake she took off four times, jumped from the ground onto the top of the picnic table and chewed my cell phone.  All the while fenced in.  I was 20 feet away swimming.  Grrrr!  You had a class in session so I came back home.  And realized that we were untraining her.  She is so quick to become “leader” (not like our last dog) so we vowed to make her sit for everything: going in and out, eating, etc.  And we don’t take “down” for a “sit.”  Amazing the change!  She’s so docile.


And all this reminds me that God, our Father, never gives up on me when I get headstrong and want to “be in charge.”  I’m so glad He never stops untraining me!  Thank you for what you do!


Cathy Antozewski

Dear Karla, Terry and your wonderful staff:


Jim and I want to thank you again for all the help and advice you gave us for Dusty.  At the graduation ceremony last night, I could hardly believe this was the same dog we literally dragged into the puppy class a few short months ago!  We know that with as fearful as she still is, we will be working to build Dusty’s confidence throughout her lifetime.  But she is definitely more confident and trusting as a result of both the puppy class and home obedience class and we now have the tools we need to continue training.  Dusty is very different from the other dogs we’ve had but that’s what makes her so special.  And we’ve fallen in love with her, so what else can we do except give her the life she deserves to have??!!


We wish you continued success with all the dogs that are fortunate enough to benefit from your classes.


Thank you,


Jim, Kathy & Dusty Krusinski



Many thanks to you and Karla for operating this wonderful pet-friendly facility for all our canine friends and family members.


Riptide and I enjoyed every moment of puppy class.  It’s amazing how quickly and enthusiastically we learned … Yes, puppies and owners alike!


We look forward to enhancing your positive directives when we join Karla in her Home Obedience class this summer.


With every effort to make you proud,


Susie & Riptide




We wanted to send you a note and tell you how great Smithers is doing (he lies down in a flash!).  He’s so eager to please.


Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work with us this past summer.  We really appreciate it!


Thanks again,


Tammy Geff & Smithers


Dear Karla and Terry:


I want to thank you both for teaching Bailey everything that you have taught him.  I know that you are the best trainers around, “paws down.”!!!  You both have inspired me to further my education as an owner of a German Shepherd.  I am just sorry my family didn’t know about you when we had our Collie many years ago.  I will continue taking your classes as well as to continue recommending you to my co-workers as well as friends.  Thanks again for everything you have done.




Amy Krumm


Dear Terry and Karla:


Thank you for helping us train Bailey.  I hope we get a new puppy some day.  You can help us train it too.  I miss Bailey so much.


Thank you again for your help.




Meagan Ignatowicz (age 6)


Dear Terry:


Thank you so very much for agreeing to be the guest speaker at our Annual Banquet.  You carry a lot of wisdom with animal behavior and your presentation was well received.


Please accept our small but genuine token of appreciation.  It is because of the generosity of those such as yourself that our fine organization is able to prosper.


Very truly yours,


Juay Riggle, Secretary

Karla and Terry:


Happy Holidays – and thanks so much for all your expertise.


Jacqui, Kyle & Family

I had Terry out to help me with a new rescue dog that had been chewing on household items. His advice was very direct, it’s been about a week and we have had no more instances of her getting into any trouble.


I’m also a first-time dog owner, and he gave me a lot of helpful advice about dog behavior and health in general. He is someone whose opinion I trust, and his advice is effective and works quickly. He is also very open and willing to help. We only had one session but he said we can call at any time if we have questions. Overall a great experience.


If you’re having problems with your dog he is a great resource and very knowledgeable.

Lily Hagigat Vrzal

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