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Karla (Gardner) Hamlin


More than 5,000 people have come to Karla to train their dogs since 1972. A licensed veterinary technician since 1976, Karla managed the Lucas County Dog Warden operations for 28 years.


Karla holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and has authored dog-training articles published in a range of magazines and websites. She became a Certified Pet Dog Trainer through the American Pet Dog Trainer's Association (ADPT) in 2003. She is a member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, the International Association of Canine Professionals and other related associations. 


She has helped several dogs to AKC utility and Shutzhund 1, 2 and 3 titles. Karla continues to train more dogs for competition. 

Dear Karla, Terry and your wonderful staff,


Jim and I want to thank you again for all the help and advice you gave us for Dusty. At the graduation ceremony I could hardly believe this was the same dog we literally dragged into the puppy class a few short months ago!


We know that, as fearful as Daisy still is, we will be working to build her self-confidence throughout her lifetime. But she is definitely more confident and trusting as a result of both the puppy class and home obedience class, and we now know we have the tools we need to continue training.


We wish you continued success with all dogs that are fortunate enough to benefit from your classes.


Thank you,

Jim, Kathy and Dusty Krusinski

Terry Hamlin


Terry completed the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic course “Dog! Principles of Behavior Modification.” He not only conducts our puppy classes, he also provides private lessons and in-home training.


Terry is especially skilled in handling aggressive dog problems. Terry's knowledge of dog behavior issues in the home is unsurpassed in northwest Ohio, making him a highly sought-after behavior problem consultant. (Clients have said he performs "miracles"!) 


In the competitive world, Terry transformed a dog of one of the most difficult breeds into a high-scoring entry in trial for a national event. He raised another dog that attained the highest level in the Schutzhund category multiple times. 


Terry is a member of APDT as well and is certified in

E-Touch training.



We wanted to send you a note and tell you how great Smithers is doing (he goes down in a flash!) he's so eager to please.


Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work with us this past summer. We really appreciate it!


Thanks again,

Tammy, Jeff, Kate and Smithers Conlan

Dear Terry,


A short note to thank you for helping out with Moses. Your guidance helped restore my self-confidence in dealing with Moses when we go for walks.


I am now carrying a pouch on my waist with treats and we are walking with confidence instead of fear.


Jeff and I appreciate all of the help and guidance you and Karla have given us.


Thanks again,

Stacy Miller

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