In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we cannot schedule classes at this time. We will set up a schedule as soon as we believe it is safe to do so. Until then, obey the authorities and may God Bless you all.


Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies up to four months old.

1-hr. classes, 1 per week, 4 weeks | $100


If your puppy is younger than four months old, you’re going to want this class. Pups who go through this class become much more stable adults. 


For dogs, the critical period for learning social skills comes only once: at 4-12 weeks of age. During this time your pup needs to get out and get handled, and this class is the ultimate socialization experience for you and your pup. 


What you both learn in this class will set the pattern for communication between your dog and you. Pups are introduced to sit, down, come and stay commands, and learn that using teeth is inappropriate for play. 


Home Obedience

Endorsed by NADOI

For dogs four months and older.

1-hr. classes, 1 per week, 8 weeks | $160 plus $10 training collar (collar to be purchased first night)  


This is a very positive and upbeat class, taught in a logical progression of steps. You’ll learn how to make good dogs great by building confidence in shy dogs and leading/controlling dominant dogs.


This class focuses on dog behavior and learning some basic dog training theory. You’ll help your dog learn to sit, come, heel, down and stay, and walk without pulling on the leash. When you’ve completed this class, you will understand what works to correct inappropriate behaviors and reinforce good behaviors in your dog. 


This course ends with a graduation demonstration and is a prerequisite for Advanced Novice training.

Advanced Novice

Prerequisite: Home Obedience

1-hr. classes, 1 per week, 8 weeks | $120


During this class, you and your dog will perfect heel and stay commands and recalls. You’ll also begin off-leash heel and stand commands and some hand (nonverbal) signals.


This instruction also prepares you to show in the novice category at an obedience trial, learning proper footwork and eliminating sloppy handling. This class is a prerequisite for Beginning and Advanced Open instruction.

Beginning and Advanced Open

Prerequsite: Advanced Novice

1-hr. classes, 1 per week, 8 weeks | $100


Now you’re ready to teach your dog to retrieve, jump, and down from a distance. By now you and your dog have a very deep and trusting bond, and you can begin teaching your dog to stay even though the dog cannot see you.


This course also prepares you for competing in the open class at obedience trials, if you wish to show your dog's talents. You must complete this class before going on to Beginning Intermediate and Advanced Utility instruction.

Beginning Intermediate, and Advanced Utility

Prerequsite: Beginning and Advanced Open

1-hr. classes, 1 per week, 8 weeks | $100


This is the “master’s degree” in obedience – the ultimate in communication and rapport with your dog. By the end of this class, you’ll meet the requirements for the highest level of obedience competition at AKC trials.


New skills will include scent discrimination, hand signals, directed jumping and run away commands. 

We have  a beautiful, fully matted, clean, brightly lit, 3,000 square foot air conditioned facility with plenty of parking and exercise area.

We maintain a student/teacher ratio 6 to 1 to be sure we can address

any unique problems. All classes are a full hour long.

Classes are limited in size to 10-12 dogs. In Puppy Kindergarden and Home Obedience, the instructor is accompanied by very qualified assistants. 



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In-Home/Private Lessons with Terry

For owners and dogs dealing with behavior issues

1-hr. visit | $100


Have Terry assess the problem in your home with the entire family present. Terry's knowledge of dog behavior issues in the home is unsurpassed in northwest Ohio. 


You’ll learn why your dog is confused or misbehaving and what you can do to resolve the problem. Most behavior issues can be addressed in one or two visits. Terry has conducted more than 4,000 such visits with clients and their dogs and has many, many satisfied clients.