About Us
Private In-Home Training & Behavior Problem Solving

In-home training brings the specialist to your door, to see your dog in your home environment and give you methods and solutions to ensure your dog's place in your life as your best friend.  Terry will deal with your concerns where they take place: in the car, the house, the yard, or the park, at a very reasonable cost.  

Your problems will be discussed and handled to deal uniquely with your home and family environment. Your dog is a special member of your family and we strive to help your home be your dog's forever home.


 Puppy Classes
(2-4 month old puppies)

We begin teaching the basic training commands to puppies

Puppy classes are taught on Friday evenings. Four weeks long, one full hour per week. We encourage you to bring your entire family and join us for a family night out with puppies of all kinds. Socialization, Bite prevention, and housebreaking are addressed. There is always at least one assistant to ensure that you have the attention you need.


 Home Obedience

This 8 week long, one full hour per week class teaches you to teach your dog his name, sit, down, come, stay, heel, loose lead free walking, and much more. We address dog behavior and body language as well as management to prevent common problems. You will learn how to get fast and happy responses and avoid confusing your dog


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